Bonex X

Bonex Reference RS Dive Scooter


The magical "RS" label has a long-standing tradition and makes the hearts of all motorsport enthusiasts skip a beat. In homage, the REFERENCE RS utilizes a stronger servo-motor with a modified rechargeable battery pack. Bonex relies here on its proven Li-ion battery technology.

The custom-developed, high-performance propeller “Speed” has been optimized to most efficiently transform the power into forward thrust. At moderate speed, the RS is still able to achieve excellent runtimes with sufficient power reserve. That’s why this model is particularly well-suited for areas with strong currents. Even with a sizeable payload, the "RS" continues to offer ample thrust.
Naturally, the discriminating user will find Bonex’s comprehensive safety features built-in to our “super-charged” model as well.

  • 19 kg in weight including battery and trim
  • Runtime up to 260 min
  • Li–Mn Battery Pack
  • Emergency Switch
  • Encapsulated Motor
  • Neutral Tare at any depth
  • Stepless Speed Setting
  • One-Handed Operation
  • Carbon Tube and Shroud

Dimension: Ø218/300 mm - L=690mm
Weight: 19kg incl. battery & trim
Operating Depth: 200m
Full Speed: up to 105 mins
Cruise Speed: up to 260 mins
Range: up to 10 km
Thrust: 330 N
Speed: up to 85 m/min
Speed Regulator: Stepless
Motor: Servo
Tube Material: Carbon
Battery: Li-Ion