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Before Atomic Aquatics, there was no “best” in scuba diving

In the 20 years since our founding, Atomic Aquatics is now a FULL-LINE manufacturer of products that are considered THE definitive leaders in each category. We did it one design at a time. One product at a time. One category at a time.

Atomic Aquatics Compendium

Every Atomic design is the result of gathering the most experienced, innovative diving industry professionals in a studio and breaking down every aspect of a product. Why does it exist? What should it do better? How can it be different? How will it improve the dive experience? Everything starts with a sketch, then everything is questioned and re-examined. This advanced design and use of innovative materials wreaks havoc on traditional designs. We raise the bar with every new design.

It is Rocket Science. Select and combine the BEST materials for the BEST performance. Period. Cost, availability, difficult to work with...doesn’t matter. Only durability and performance matter. From developing the first all-Titanium regulator, to using Schott Superwite™ UltraClear glass for masks, hand-inlay fin plastics with varying flex properties to tough, waterproof laminated textiles for our new BC1 – sourcing the best materials is paramount in our process.

Control every aspect from the design to materials to manufacturing. Every detail is carefully controlled to assure quality. We design everything, including the components. In-house R&D along with efficient in-house manufacturing is how we do that. Nothing is ‘off-the-shelf’. That means we have the latest in CNC machinery and skilled machinists to run them. This also gives us the freedom to innovate and design in our own workshop, and to have unprecedented quality control procedures.

Epic dive adventures demand epic equipment warranties. Know you can depend on your gear in the most exotic and remote dream locations where finding service could be a nightmare. Not only is there a Limited Lifetime Warranty on regulators, but also a 3-year/300-dive service interval. A longer service interval means more diving. We’ve made our warranty hassle-free including a Lifetime Metal Parts Warranty – no questions.